Nadia Fragnito teams up with Drool for online cooking classes

Nadia Fragnito teams up with Drool for online cooking classes

One of our favourite vegan chefs, Nadia Fragnito of The Vegan Italian Kitchen has teamed up with Drool an online cooking platform to deliver a string of epic digital (vegan) cooking classes for you whilst the global lockdown continues.

We spoke briefly with Nadia to see what they are all about.


What can people expect from your classes?

I’ve recently teamed up with Drool, who now offer virtual cooking experiences. With the world divided in isolation, our mission is to work around the social distancing barrier and bring people together virtually in the comfort of their own home!

These fun, interactive and hands-on virtual food experiences are a great way to socialise, have a laugh and chat with some new people, whilst also refining your cooking skills and learning how to dish up a delicious vegan meal!

The virtual events are over Zoom and include a variety of styles such as cooking classes for both adults and children, date nights, speed dating and corporate team building events.

We provide the Zoom link, Chef Instructor and Host, a list of ingredients and recipes you will need to cook along with.

Do you need to be a pro cook or can a cooking novice join in? 

You absolutely do NOT need to be a pro cook. We aim for our classes to be as inclusive and non-intimidating as possible so whether you are a total beginner in the kitchen or regular in the kitchen, and as your instructor, I will guide and support you along your culinary journey.



3. Will the ingredients be available to buy from my local grocery store? 

For sure! We strive to make our classes as accessible as possible so generally the ingredients required will be available for purchase at your local supermarket. If however some classes require specific ingredients, like liquid smoke and kala namak for the Spaghetti Carbonara class we will suggest where you can find them, such as at health food stores, Asian grocer or gourmet grocers. However we will also indicate that these ingredients are optional or suggest an alternative.


4. Will it be easy for international guests to purchase ingredients also? 

Absolutely. We welcome international guests! Most of our classes teach classic recipes that are renowned internationally and therefore, friendly for international guests also. And if some ingredients are harder to come by, we indicate that these ingredients are optional. 


5. Can I buy this as a gift for someone? 

You sure can! Just provide their email address and all of the required instructions will be forwarded directly to them making for a nice little surprise in their inbox! 


6. What are you most looking forward to personally about the classes?

Due to the Covid situation and living in Melbourne, I haven’t been able to offer live classes or events this year. I certainly know I’m not the only one! So I’m really looking forward to being able to connect with the wider community through this virtual style. Penny, the founder of Drool, has created a beautiful online space where we can share in the joy of cooking and feasting together. I have loved working with Penny, as we both really believe in the connection that is created through food. It’s wonderful that she is supporting these vegan classes.


The Details

So if you are keen to get into the kitchen and learn from the best, take a look at the classes Nadia will be hosting below.

Happy Cooking!

• SPAGHETTI CARBONARA Saturday 8th August 6pm-7.30pm – $15 


• TIRAMISU: Saturday 16th August 6pm-7.30pm  – $15


• ITALIAN OLIVE OIL CAKE: Saturday 23rd August 2-3.30pm – $15




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