Nandos launch vegan patty dubbed The Great Pretender

Nandos launch vegan patty dubbed The Great Pretender. 

Nandos has joined the ranks of fast food chains realising the value in offering a quality vegan option for the ever-changing consumer.  In what feels almost like a new vegan burger or patty every week, Nandos is moving full steam ahead with their ‘Great Pretender’ protein. Whilst the name may even be poking a little fun at the fact that it’s not chicken, the chain is clearly becoming aware of the changing nature of the Australian consumer and acting accordingly.

According to Nandos, the “Great Pretender Protein” apparently looks, tastes and has the texture of real chicken. They also claim it caramelises and smells just like meat too.

Nandos says the burger is designed for those looking at eating more plant-based or who are perhaps flexitarian and looking to reduce their meat intake. The move is designed to ensure that Nandos is inclusive of all diets, preferences, and tastes.

What’s great is that the patty is available across wraps, burgers, pita’s and salads for only $1 extra, how good is that for value!

The patty will launch in all QLD Nandos on the 4th of February 2020 with a ‘possible’ national rollout later in the year!

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