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New plant-based products land in Woolworths as ‘flexitarians’ become key market battleground

New plant-based products land in Woolworths as ‘flexitarians’ become key market battleground

New plant-based products land in Woolworths as ‘flexitarians’ become key market battleground.

Woolworths shoppers will enjoy easy access to six new, innovative plant-based products (released last week) as Australian-owned and operated brands Made With Plants and PlantAsia add to their existing in-store product lines. Each of the following products is entirely vegan, and will be available from the majority of Woolworths’ 1,000 stores nationally! See the new range below:

Made With Plants Parmesan – The bold taste of Italian style cheese, made from plant-based ingredients. This sought-after product smells and cooks like traditional dairy cheese. Used to create delicious dairy-free dishes, such as mouthwatering parmigiana, cheesy baked veggies, or a hearty lasagna.


Made With Plants Shredded Cheddar
– The distinctive taste of cheddar cheese, made from plant-based ingredients and shredded for convenience. Used to create droolworthy pastas, tasty wraps, or the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.


Made With Plants Cheeseburger Sauce – A Big Name burger sauce reimagined to be entirely vegan friendly. The secret weapon for droolworthy burgers and tantalising snacks.



PlantAsia Tender Beef – Juicy, robust and versatile, this plant-based beef is largely made from mushrooms. Used to create full-bodied curries and casseroles with a plant-based twist.


PlantaAsia Satay Chicken Skewers – These succulent skewers can be served with steamed veggies or a crispy Asian style salad, for a simple and satisfying plant-based meal.



PlantAsia Pork Ribs with Plum Sauce – Perfectly paired with everyone’s’ favourite sides, including creamy slaw, crispy greens, or a simple bed of fluffy rice.


Thoughts on the increase in vegan products hitting the shelves

It’s not just vegans who are interested in Australia’s growing plant-based offerings, either. Flexitarians – those who eat a primarily plant-based diet but stay flexible about their consumption of meat and dairy – are now considered the most important target market for vegan food producers.

“In order to secure the success and longevity of our business, we need to look beyond the core vegan market. In fact, flexitarians are the future of Australia’s vegan movement. Our goal is to make vegan food that’s tasty, accessible, and caters for the broadest range of Aussie consumers possible.

“If people incorporate our plant-based products as part of a flexible weekly diet, we still see that as a significant win in terms of changing consumer behaviour,” said Mr Cale Drouin, the co-founder of both Made With Plants and PlantAsia.

We couldnt be happier to see more and more products like these hitting the shelves each and every week. To see even more vegan and plant-based supermarket products, visit our supermarket products page here.


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