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New Vegan Options at San Churro

New Vegan Options at San Churro

Oh yes, there are new vegan options at San Churro and we are drooling at the thought!

Usually, the thought of a trip to a chocolate restaurant is the ultimate tease for a vegan or plant-based eater, that is until now. When you next visit your local San Churro restaurant you will be met with one of the best (in fact perhaps the best) vegan chocolate menu in Australia! Whilst many eateries have added vegan items to their menus in recent times, San Churro’s has committed wholeheartedly to their new vegan menu and you can feel that as you flick through the menu at your local restaurant.

San Churro is another brand in a string of brands recently to adapt and add a more extensive vegan/dairy-free menu. This shift thanks to the changing nature of consumer taste, is a welcome and progressive change.

The chain is now boasting over 40 different vegan varieties on offer. We took a look and posted a few of our favourites down below.

Spoiler alert, they all look amazing!


So what did you think of the New Vegan Options at San Churro?  Have you tried anything on their menu? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments. 

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