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PETA’s Top 10 Documentary Recommendations

PETA’s Top 10 Documentary Recommendations

PETA’s Top 10 Documentary Recommendations

During this strange time in the world with isolation and distancing becoming the current norm, everyone is looking for more things to do or watch whilst heeding the advice to stay home and indoors. Now is probably the best time to suggest and even sit down with friends, and family and watch some of these eye-opening and life-changing documentaries. Instead of us just suggesting our list of must-watch doco’s we thought we would look at PETA’s latest list to see what they suggest. At the conclusion of the list, if you have a documentary or movie you would like to suggest, please leave it in the comments below.

Enjoy the list & share the love.




Never has there been a more relevant time to look at the way in which we are using the planet and producing food. This documentary dives into the global situation we are now facing and looks at some of the ways in which humans have ignored the signs from mother nature.




Animal People


Exploring the true cost of standing up for what you believe in, this thrilling documentary explores the story of 6 activists who risked it all to expose the atrocities committed in one of the world’s largest animal testing facilities. This eye-opening documentary tells the story of activists trying to expose an animal testing facility. Directed by Joaquin Phoenix.



The Game Changers

In recent times, this has been the documentary to really shift opinion and stigma around what it means to be strong and where protein really comes from (clue: not just meat). Featuring a strong of elite athletes and celebrities, this hard-hitting documentary will have even your biggest meat-eating friends reaching for the kale in no time.

*LGV Highly Recommends.




An Australian documentary showcasing the true picture of factory farming in this country. This is an important documentary that shows what is happening here right now, and not years ago or in countries on the other side of the world. An important documentary for all Australians to watch.





For the environmentalists that refuse to consider the role of animal agriculture in their analysis for change, this is the documentary you need to be showing them. Based on the facts it explores the true cost of animal farming in our changing fragile world.


What The Health 

Aimed at the health-conscious individual, What The Health comes from the producers who brought you the previous recommendation Cowspiracy and is focussed on the health outcomes and health consequences of our current western diet and the companies that are involved in the market.



Forks Over Knives

Forks over Knives explores the health outcomes of the western diet compared with countries or regions who are eating a majority of whole plant-based foods to find out who has great health outcomes. As you can imagine, the conclusion moves towards foods requiring a fork rather than a knife! (Spoiler Alert).




The story of SEAWORLD and the treatment of the beautiful and majestic animals in their care. For many, this will be an eye-opening look into the cruel world of animal entertainment.



Tyke Elephant Outlaw

It was more than 25 years ago that an elephant named Tyke – who could no longer take the abuse that she experienced in the circus – crushed her trainer and escaped from an arena in Hawaii. This riveting documentary, available through Netflix, tells her story.




Jake Gyllenhaal plays a deranged zookeeper in Okja, which is being called the world’s first vegan action movie. It’s available on Netflix.


Final Thoughts

So what did you think of PETA‘s list?

Do you have a must-watch documentary you think needs to be added to the list? If so leave it in the comments below.

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