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Pizza Hut add Vegan to the menu

Pizza Hut add Vegan to the menu

Pizza Hut add Vegan to the menu

Are you even a fast-food chain these days unless you have added a vegan menu in the last 12 months? We certainly don’t think so.

Over the last year, fast-food chains locally such as Domino’s, La Porchetta, Hungry Jacks, Subway & San Churro’s have added vegan menu items to their extensive menus as the demand for vegan continues to soar. Here at LGV, we are thrilled to see more and more options being added with even news that behemoth Mcdonalds are testing vegan options in Canada this year (watch this space).

This week Pizza Hut became the latest chain to add a vegan menu to its an extensive list of pizzas. The vegan announcement wasn’t just a token play with just one or two, but instead six pizza varieties along with sides, desserts, and a big combo deal.

Take a look at the extensive range below,

That Vegan Dad’s review of the vegan wings

Here’s what That Vegan Dad Jack had to say about the video:

“Pizza Hut Australia has released some VEGAN Wings to their ever-growing range of vegan items. How do they taste? Pizza Hut have added to their vegan range of products, with the release of their VEGAN WINGS. Yep… VEGAN WINGS!!! They also have released it alongside with 5 vegan-friendly sauces. Today I am back in my car and taste testing these new vegan wings from Pizza Hut Australia and seeing if they are worth checking out on your next visit. Have you tried their wings yet, what are your thoughts? Please let me know in the comment section below. If you have any other suggestions or wants from Pizza Hut Australia please also chuck them in the comments section as well.”


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