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Plant Based Meat Startup V2Foods adds $35 million to the rollout

Plant Based Meat Startup V2Foods adds $35 million to the rollout

The future of meat is coming…and it’s funded.

Last month we talked about the excitement surrounding the new project of Hungry Jacks’ Chairman Jack Cowin and the CSIRO called V2Foods. The company is looking to solve the growing problem of feeding 10 billion people with the resources of one earth by 2050. We have been following their progress closely and this week they have announced that the company has raised 35 million dollars to expand and build on their goal to better feed the planet with plants.

The company was behind the incredibly successful rollout of the Rebel Whopper burger, which was launched through Hungry Jacks and has captured the nation’s imagination in terms of what a ‘plant-based’ burger can be.

The company has openly stated that they are targetting the meat-eating market rather than vegans per se, but that’s not to say that this burger won’t satisfy all tastes! Being focussed on the meat market will hopefully continue to persuade the meat-eaters that a more compassionate diet can actually taste great too.

We are looking forward to seeing the company invest this ‘Series A funding’ into their expansion of R&D and a push into the Asian market.

Watch this space.


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