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Plant Based Popcorn Chick’n and Plant-Based Stars from Fry’s

Plant Based Popcorn Chick’n and Plant-Based Stars from Fry’s

A quarter of Australians are choosing to eat less meat, allowing for a major shift towards a ‘flexitarian’ diet. This reveals a $13 billion market opportunity for growth in plant-based protein.

Throw in the cost of living and soaring cost of meat, now might be the perfect time for Aussies to consider shifting to a more flexible diet.

Plant-based food company, the Fry Family Food Co. (Fry’s), are making it super easy to lean into the ‘flexitarian’ diet with the recent launch of their Plant- Based Popcorn Chick’n and their Plant-Based Stars and Moons
(crispy chick’n style stars and moons for hungry little astronauts).


Australian consumers are changing their eating habits.

As the awareness of food impact grows, the data starts to reflect a move towards eating less meat.  Traditionally known for its focus on animal proteins, the Australian food industry has started putting more of a spotlight on plant proteins. Driven by consumer demand for food that has less impact, government and industry have identified a $13 billion market opportunity for growth in plant-based protein.

This data, coupled with a recent study that estimates about a quarter of Australians (26%) are choosing to eat less meat, shows a shift in food habits that embraces the concept of ‘flexitarianism’.

‘Flexitarianism’ combines the best of both worlds, allowing people to make manageable changes to their eating habits. Typically, a flexitarian will eat predominantly plant-based with smaller amounts of meat.

Tammy Fry, global brand lead for leading plant-based food brand Fry’s explains why so many consumers are choosing this option.

“To be flexitarian means you are choosing less meat but not cutting it out completely. On the days that people are meat-free, they are choosing to replace the animal proteins with a wide selection of plant proteins, healthy grains, and vegetables, allowing for a greater variety on people’s plates.”

“This dietary choice means healthier choices overall that are better for the body and lower environmental impact meaning better for the planet. It’s a win-win,” she adds.


This consumer flexibility can also be seen in the success of Fry’s new plant-based snacking products that have just launched in Coles and Woolworths.

Their Popcorn Chick’n (in both retailers) and Stars & Moons (in Coles) are simple plant-based snacking solutions for hungry teens, hangry toddlers, and parents in need of lunchbox inspiration.


“Our new snacking products were inspired by our own challenges with feeding our kids with busy schedules. My sister Hayley and I both have very active tweens and teens, and they are all constantly hungry – looking for that quick fix they can toss in the air fryer. These two new products tick all the boxes plus they are 100% plant-based, non-GM (like all our products), rich in protein, and absolutely delicious,” explains Tammy. 



About the Products


Popcorn Chick’n



Ideal for busy parents looking for family-friendly plant-based options, Popcorn Chick’n is great for snacking or after school meal times. Ready in 10 minutes straight from the freezer, the plant-based snack is quick, delicious, and sure to please those looking for a convenient treat. 

Bite-sized pieces of juicy, chicken-style filling coated in a southern-fried, tasty crumb; they have been designed to be loved by even the fussiest of eaters.


Stars and Moons

Created for parents looking to inspire little ones to try more plant-based foods, Stars and Moons really deliver on fun from the freezer. The bright box design features the story of Charlie the Chicken, and his quest to travel to far-off galaxies, while a handy cut-out-and-keep rocket will keep kids entertained while the food is in the oven. Made with Fry’s popular Chick’n style filling and coated in a yummy crumb, they are ready in 10 minutes and are perfect for fuelling children’s imaginations at the dinner table and beyond.

Tammy explains why she is proud of these two new products and why they are an important addition to the plant-based product offering in Australia.

“These two innovations are some of our best work at Fry’s. We have taken what we do really, really well (our chicken-style products) and we have adapted them into easy to use, super tasty products with strong consumer appeal – especially when it comes to parents who are looking for snack options that are both convenient and healthier,” said Tammy.

“We launched these in the UK earlier this year and they very quickly became some of the top sellers there. I also think it’s worthy to note that our Stars & Moons are the first plant-based ‘chicken nugget’ shape in the Australian market. Shapes are a big trend globally, and I love that we are pioneering the flexitarian space with our Stars & Moons.”



Popcorn Chick’n is available in the frozen section of Woolworths and Coles. Stars & Moons are available in the frozen section of Coles.


Final Thoughts

Keen to try the Fry’s Plant Based Popcorn Chick’n? Be sure to look out for them in the aisles of your local supermarket. To see more vegan-friendly supermarket products visit our page today. 


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