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PranaOn & Steph Rice launch Woolworths Range

PranaOn & Steph Rice launch Woolworths Range

PranaOn & Steph Rice launch Woolworths Range.

Stephanie Rice has teamed up with vegan protein company PranaOn to bring us all a convenient way to get our protein.

The new ‘Lifestyle’ range of protein powderis, bars & treat are being launched into Woolworth’s around the country and we are excited to hear what you all think of the range.

Many of you will know Stephanie Rice as a 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Celebrity Apprentice participant & now a self-proclaimed 98% vegan. Yes, that’s right Rice hasn’t completely jumped over to the vegan side, but claims to be almost there! We are certainly happy to have her on the team and it seems to be working for her.

So what exactly is the lifestyle range she is getting behind?  Well, we have long been fans of the PranaOn team and its products. For the last few years, the brand has featured heavily at World Vegan Day in Melbourne and they have even hosted ‘car lifting’ competitions with their athletes, much to the delight of onlookers and fans.

Now with this new range, they will be opening up to a much wider audience with the rollout in Woolworths across the country.

The range is set to include:

Plant Protein Shakes’

Plant Protein Bars’

Plant Protein Treats’

Here’s What the range looks like




Here’s the final word from PranaOn:

This range is designed for convenience, functionality and value. These will all be available in Woolworths stores Australia wide as of tomorrow.⁠

Head to to learn more about our newest range.

Well, we are sold!

If you are keen to try the PranaOn & Steph Rice range be sure to visit
Woolworths Online HERE to view the whole range today.

Enjoy your shake!


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