Roll’d have your vegan needs covered this World Vegan Day!

Roll’d have your vegan needs covered.

Roll’d have your vegan needs covered this World Vegan Day!

November 1st is the day when the world celebrates World Vegan Day!

Now when most people think about vegan food, they often presume it’s going to just be salads, but this is certainly not the case any longer.

Vegans are eating everything from pizzas, lasagna, sushi, vegan bacon, and the list goes on! One well know Vietnamese eatery is going to be making it even easier for the vegans this year and that is Roll’d.

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, veggo, flexiterian or a passionately carnivorous eater, there’s plenty of delicious animal-free options on the Roll’d menu, that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Many traditional Vietnamese dishes are naturally vegan, and Roll’d go further with a wide range of menu items that are not only inherently vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free – but most importantly, healthy!

Here are some of the epic vegan picks from Roll’d:

Roll’d will continue to roll out (pardon the pun) more and more plant based options over the coming 12 months and we are personally looking forward to trying it all!

Now if you would like to see more options for vegan eating this World Vegan Day be sure to check out all of our fast food vegan eats section here.


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