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Shopping For Vegan Food in Australia

Shopping For Vegan Food in Australia

Shopping for vegan food in Australia has never been easier.

Most vegans will tell you this but now thanks to a steady influx of amazing new vegan products, it really is true.

A year ago there weren’t even half of the options we have now and 10 years ago it really was only a diet of tofu and salad! Thankfully, jokes about lettuce have now passed their use by date.

All major supermarkets such as Coles, Aldi and Woolworths are introducing vegan products almost weekly, and they are really really good. This means no more vegan cheese that tastes like cardboard or blending frozen fruit for an ice cream (which is still delicious).

As a plant-based or vegan eater, you don’t need to feel like you’re “missing out” when transitioning to this style of eating when all your favourites are now being ‘veganised.’ From plant-based meat to leading ice cream brands (magnums and cornetto’s, to name some), tuna, chocolates and a lot more, they are all now available in vegan varieties.

So when it’s now so easy, why not replace your regular foods and go cruelty-free?! Even trying this one day a week will make a huge impact on the animals and the planet.

To help you there’s a continuous flow of cruelty-free foods and products globally, meaning a kinder world is being created for the animals and us.

Enjoy the large selection of vegan products from WoolworthsColes.

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