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Simon Hill goes from Plant Proof to The Proof in 2022 rebrand

Simon Hill goes from Plant Proof to The Proof in 2022 rebrand

We have been following the work and journey of Simon Hill for a number of years now and have learned immeasurable amounts thanks to his highly successful podcast, his social media videos, and his book The Proof is in the Plants.

Simon Hill has now undergone a complete rebrand and will now label both his podcast and website assets, The Proof rather than his previous name Plant Proof as many of you will know him as.

The move this year in 2022 will see his podcast become The Proof with Simon Hill. As a natural evolution of Simon’s curiosity and science-driven mindset, The Proof will extend beyond nutrition to other crucial lifestyle factors that impact well-being. We can’t wait to see it all continue to go from strength to strength.

But the question many people may be asking is, is the name change related to a change in his stance on plants? Here is what Simon says in the podcast notes:

“The Proof is a natural evolution of Plant Proof. In case you have concerns, let me clear the air. As you’ll hear me say in this episode: Let me just say on the record, I still eat plants, and only plants. Dropping the “plant” from the title is by no means”

So we can all share a sigh of relief that the plant’s arent going anywhere!


A little more about Simon


Over the past decade, Simon’s mission has become increasingly clear. Nutrition is often spoken about in absolutes, ignoring the nuance that undeniably exists. Exploring nuance is the key to dispelling myths, clearing confusion, and ultimately feeling more confident in the choices we make every day.

In 2021, Simon expanded his reach by publishing his first book, The Proof is in the Plants, with Penguin Random House. His hope is that by collating the evidence into one place, more of us can work together to create a healthier, more equitable, and united world.


The Podcast

Having just hit 200 episodes the podcast is a wealth of health, nutrition, and lifestyle information for anyone interested in living a plant-based lifestyle. It is not a preachy podcast but instead focuses on the science and studies promoting the adoption of the whole foods plant-based diet from experts and professionals.

Here is the latest episode, EP200



Final Thoughts

So if you are new to Simon Hill and his podcast be sure to go and take a look at all of the amazing previous episodes where he shares amazing insights as to do his guests. We highly recommend a deep dive!

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