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Small Things Wine are vegan friendly

Small Things Wine are vegan friendly

Small Things Wine are vegan friendly.

We have something special for the wine fans. We recently tried the new range of canned vegan wines from Margaret River based Small Things Wine.

Small Things Wine is a WA based Wine maker founded by Ian Batt. The wines are 100% vegan, so we were thrilled to try them and find out a little more about this great little company.

The wines are not only beautifully packaged and designed but they taste incredible too. We personally tried the Sauvignon Blanc & Rose varieties which were both great.

Small Things describe their ethos in the following:

We believe that great wine shouldn’t be determined by the container it comes in…. so we made the best bloody wines we could and put it cans so you can enjoy it anywhere…. so you can choose your own adventure.

How good is that?  We were so impressed that we wanted to ask founder Ian a few quick questions about this thriving new venture. Here’s what he had to say.

Enjoy the chat.


Tell us about you and how you got started with Small Things Wine?

STW began as an idea while Western Australian Winemaker Ian Batt was undertaking winemaking at University in Margaret River in 2009. A chance introduction to a couple of lads from Queensland (Cleve and Mic) and a purchase of their own canning line and Small Things Wine was born in Margaret River.


Your wine is vegan, what makes a ‘traditional wine’ NOT vegan, and why did you opt for a vegan product?

We believe that wine quality can be affected by some of the more commercial methods of traditional winemaking such as filtering and fining. Some additives uses in those traditional methods can involve milk and egg products. We don’t use those methods and therefore don’t have a need for milk or egg products in our processes. We believe in little invention in our winemaking – that means we try not to get in the way of the development of the wine from juice to finished wine. We pick the very best fruit from the best growers in our region and keep our batches small and tend to them by hand and only when needed.

Tell us a little about the range, and any future varieties we can look out for?

Our core range of Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose and Shiraz. In 2020 we have a new wine (which we are keeping under wraps) so stay tuned for word when they drop on the gram.

Your wine comes in a can, why a can and tell us a little about the process of creating the finished product?

When deciding on the details of our production for our craft wine we looked to the US and Canada where canning has exploded in recent years, evident by popularity of craft beer and craft wine. Together with partners in Canada and the US we formulated an approach that would enable us to can our wines whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of quality. Essentially preserving the amazing fruit and freshness that our wines have. You’ll notice that our cans are hard and when you crack the ring pull you hear a hiss… each wine is micro dosed with liquid nitrogen that pushes out any air in the can and pressurises the wine so it can withstand the rigour of moving from winery to truck, to shelf, to your hand. And that’s how we can guarantee that our wine arrives to you the way we intended… amazing Margaret River craft wine in a can so you can take it with you on your next adventure…..You’re welcome


Where can people find & purchase your delicious wines?

Go to where you can buy online and have your wines shipped direct to you (if you’re over 18!) or check out our stockists’ page where we are found in QLD and WA and others to follow soon.

Thanks, Ian, we really loved the wines and can’t wait to try the rest of the range!

If you’d like to read more about the wines we tried you can take a look below. Be sure to check them out online too at their website here.

Rosé 🍷


Sourced from Metricup in the Northern area of Margaret River, Shiraz fruit was hand picked in the early morning before being transported to the winery for a good ol’ fashioned foot stomp in picking bins before a gentle press.
This salmon pink Rosé has a deliciously fresh bouquet of strawberries and cream, with hints of musk and confectionery. Old school toffee apple, fairy floss and marshmallows.
Residual Sugar 1.3g/L
Alc/Vol 12.9%


Sauvignon Blanc 🥂


Sourced from Karridale in Southern Margaret River, 100% Sauvignon Blanc fruit was harvested. Classic Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc with aromas of passion fruit moving to a layered fruit salad medley of kiwifruit, orange peel, and pear.
The palate is light-bodied with pink lady apple and a soft textural finish.
Residual Sugar 0.3g/L
Alc/Vol 12.7%

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