Spare the lamb and throw a plant-based burger on the barbie!

Spare the lamb and throw a plant-based burger on the barbie!

This Australia Day, Aussies are being rallied to “spare the lamb” to curb the impact eating meat has on animals, their own health, and the environment.

Tammy Fry, the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Director of The LIVEKINDLY Collective, and member of the Fry family, who 30 years ago co-founded plant-based food company, the Fry Family Food Co. is encouraging Aussies to consider a kinder barbecue.

“Australian families have the opportunity to change the world from their kitchen tables, or even their barbecues, by reconsidering the food they consume each day,” Tammy said.

“We’re urged to unite without borders and to be kinder to each other this Australia Day – it’s actually easy to include animals and the planet within that unity when we live in a world with so many delicious and nutritious plant-based food options.”

Tammy says Australia Day, which falls in Veganuary, the fast-growing global annual movement to try the vegan lifestyle in January, is a great opportunity to take a stand and do good for the world.

“We need to work together to change a broken food system with the first step being to choose more compassionate and sustainable foods that don’t involve consuming animal products,” she said.

Tammy has witnessed some changes in Australia when it comes to consuming less meat, but there’s still a way to go when the average Australian is said to eat more than 100kg annually (which includes beef, veal, lamb, mutton, poultry, and pork). 

This equates to around 880 quarter pound patties, and around five times the recommended amount of 350g per week of unprocessed beef, lamb, pork and veal.

“A plant-based lifestyle is easy and healthy and there are plenty of great swaps to ensure you’re still getting key nutrients. Our Big Fry Burgers, for example, contain 21 grams of protein, which is higher in protein than many meat burgers, so they taste delicious and keep you sustained. It’s so amazing to see Aussies becoming more conscious about their food choices and the impact that those choices have,” Tammy said.

“We’ve seen a 25% increase in the purchase of our plant-based products by Australians, year-on-year since launching 30 years ago.”

Tammy’s barbecue on Australia Day will feature a range of plant-based foods, bound to satisfy and intrigue vegans and non-vegans alike. 

“I’ll be throwing plant-based prawns on the barbie. These will be served with our Big Fry Burgers and lots of great salads,” she said.

“We know the Aussie barbecue is an institution and a wonderful place for togetherness. Plant-based foods aren’t about sacrificing that, it’s about not sacrificing animals or our environment.” 

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