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Sunfed launch vegan bacon

Sunfed launch vegan bacon

Sunfed launch vegan bacon.

New Zealand based company Sunfed has been taking the vegan & vegetarian world by storm over the last few years with their range of meatless (plant-based) products.

Having received a significant investment of $10 million dollars in ‘Seed A’ funding, the company is going full steam ahead in its mission to revolutionize the meat industry. Starting out with a chickenless chicken product (over five years in the making), they have now released their ‘boar free bacon’.

Sunfed meats are made from premium yellow pea protein, they cook, feel, and taste just like animal meat but are healthier, both for you and the planet.

The main ingredients included water, pea protein & olive oil. They also utilize fermented red rice to create the red colour of the meat.

Shama Sukul Lee, CEO & Founder of Sunfed is so incredibly passionate about not just the product but also in solving the problem (the global food system).

Below you can see her talking with New Zealand media as well as at a keynote address last year.

So what do you think? Are you ready to try the Sunfed range of vegan chicken and bacon? We can’t wait to see the local roll-out of the Sunfed vegan bacon!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page here for news and updates on where you can purchase the product and any product news.

Enjoy the (Vegan) Bacon!


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