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The best vegan chicken alternatives in Australia – Part 2!

The best vegan chicken alternatives in Australia – Part 2!

The best vegan chicken alternatives in Australia – Part 2!

After releasing part one of the best vegan chicken alternatives, many of our community were up in arms that their favourite vegan alternatives not only hadn’t taken the top spot but hadn’t even made the list!

For this reason, we felt it was only fair to bring a part two and ensure that everyone’s favurite vegan chicken alternatives are given a fair voice!

So without further ado, please enjoy part two of our vegan chicken list!


Herb & Sons


We are looking at the future of food a little differently. Herb & Sons is a meat-free range with one simple mission: to provide you with plant based meat alternatives that are full of flavour just like your favourite meats. Australian made and satisfying with every bite, this is food you never thought possible.

Available at Coles for $8 – $9.00

Greens & Goodness


Greens & Goodness Golden Tempura Nuggets are a delicious plant based food. Made with pea protein and shaped into a nugget with a crispy tempura coating for taste, flavour and texture. Low in saturated fat. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or no added preservatives.

Greens & Goodness Made with Pea Protein

Made with premium pea-based protein, Greens & Goodness brings the finest ingredients together, creating meals and snacks that are simple, healthy and delicious.

Available at Woolworth’s for $8.00



What they say about them:

Quorn Vegan Crumbed Schnitzels; a satisfying eat with a perfect crunchy crumb.

Available at Woolworths & Coles for $7.00


Vegie Delights

What they say about them:

Our Crispy Chicken style burgers are packed with flavour and the perfect amount of crunch. They are magic in a bun, stir-fries or a salad.

Available at Coles or Woolworths for $5.80 or $5.85




What they say about them:

Made from wheat protein, shaped into gluten steaks. For restaurant-style meal, look no further!

Available for various prices at various independent outlets. See their website here.



What they say about them:

Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken is a tasty and healthy chicken substitute you can use in any chicken recipe.

Available at Woolworths for $9.00


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the final part of our extensive list of vegan chicken alternatives here in Australia. If you missed Part One be sure to take a look at it here.

For more vegan lists like this one, take a look at our list section here.



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