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The best Vegan Chocolate you can buy at the supermarket!

The best Vegan Chocolate you can buy at the supermarket!

Who doesn’t like a bit of chocolate every once in a while? Heck who doesn’t like it all the time?! We know that for many of you chocolate is the thing that you really want to replace if moving away from traditional dairy products. So we thought we would put a list together of some of the easily accessible options available at your local supermarket. Here is a list of the chocolates we think you need to grab when doing your next shop.



Kit Kat


Fresh onto the Australian market is the new Vegan Kit Kat from Nestle. We all remember the classic KitKat and can now take a break with one that is 100% vegan friendly! Only available at selected Woolworth Metro stores for now. 




Sweet William


The SW products are all Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free & Vegan. They make fantastic cooking chocolate and have the best vegan easter range come April each year. Highly recommended.




Vegan, Organic and Fairtrade, how good is that?! Not only does Pico tick a lot of important boxes but it also tastes amazing! Available in Salted Caramel, Super Dark, Sea Salt, Mint Crisp, Hazelnutt M*lk, Coconut M*lk &  Almond M*lk!





Pana is a Melbourne-based team passionate about creating amazing, vegan, organic food for every occasion. Not only that, they have an awesome range of vegan chocolates in Mylk, Dark, Caramel, White, Peanut Caramel, Golden Comb, Sour Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry & Pistachio,  Hazlenut & more!



Vego Bar


The best kept vegan secret is how good these taste! For the vegans, if you know, you know! If you haven’t had the chance then we suggest you get down to your local Woolworths and pick up a few of these and give them a try for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!



Coles Vegan Chocolates


Coles have three vegan chocolate blocks in the form of Tofee, Oragne and Mint. All are dark chocolate and 100% vegan!

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