The Best Vegan Wine for summer

The Best Vegan Wine for summer

Yes, summer is here and that means vegan wine and vegan cheese! Today we are focussing on the cheese with a few hand picked fan favourites from our community.

As always if you have a selection you would like to add, be sure to let us know at today.

Enjoy the selection of vegan friendly wine ideas for the Australian summer!



Kylie Minogue Wines

From 2020 Kylie launched Kylie Minogue Wines. As Creative Director, she has collaborated exclusively with London-based distributor Benchmark Drinks to create a beautiful portfolio of premium wines. The Rose is a vegan favourite down under!

See the range here


De Bortoli Wines – 17 Trees Range

One of De Bortoli’s first sustainability projects in 2008 was to plant 17 trees for each company vehicle to offset the carbon effects of our fleet.

Today 17 TREES is a brand that has a purpose. 17 TREES is a solid collaboration with our suppliers, distributors, customers and consumers to plant trees for a sustainable future.

All are 100% vegan friendly wines! See the range here.


The Vegan Wine Project

The Vegan Wine Project is a new venture of South Australian wine pioneers, Yalumba. Yalumba has been making wines in South Australia for more than 170 years. Their expertise and passion have grown in size and stature, embodying all that has made the Australian wine success story the envy of winemakers the world over.

See more of the range here.


Goodwill Wines

Goodwill Wines is a social enterprise working with some of Australia’s top charities as well as wines. With an ethical business model and amazing wine, whats not to love about Goodwill? Read more about their fantastic story here.


Round Theory Wines

Did you know that not all wines are vegan friendly? At Round Theory, we are committed to making great wine in the most sustainable way possible. As part of this process, our wines are all Vegan Certified! How good is that?! To see more of the Round Theory range, take a look HERE.


Delinquent Wines

Organically grown, Southern Italian grape varieties from the Riverland, fermented with wild yeast and minimal intervention in the winery. Delinquente makes small batch, minimal intervention wines from Southern Italian grape varieties grown in the Riverland, South Australia. See their range here.


Tread Softly Wines

Tread Softly is a range of wines crafted from famed varieties grown and sourced from regions that showcase wonderful pristine flavours, as well as freshness and vibrancy.

By choosing varieties suited to their regions, grapes can be picked earlier at optimum fruit ripeness. Tread Softly can naturally produce more balanced and lighter in weight wines that are expressive and unique.

Tread Softly is environmentally conscious, seeking to reduce the carbon footprint by employing more efficient production practices and by planting an Australian Native Tree for every 6 bottles sold. To date we have planted over 250,000 trees thanks to our ongoing relationship with Carbon Neutral.

Read more about them here.


Final Thoughts

Ready for summer wine season? We hope this list is a good starting point for you to take your vegan wine game to the next level. As mentioned, if you have a vegan wine you think desrves to be on the list, be sure to let us know in the comments below of via email.

To see more vegan wine visit our wine section HERE.


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