The Happiest Video you will see today!

Yes, it may be a bold statement, but certainly, one that isn’t far from the truth. If you are from Australia and particularly Victoria it’s likely you have heard of the Edgars Mission Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in Lancefield Victoria and run by the wonderful Pam Ahern and her team of incredible people. The team looks after a wide range of animals from pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, cows & even sheepdogs (Take a look at Ruby’s Instagram page HERE).

A few years back they created this video, and we thought given the amount of negative media circulating, it was a good time to give the video a little ‘bump’. So below is just one of the incredible videos from Edgars Mission, and we encourage you to explore their website and social media pages. If you’re in Victoria you may even decide to go and visit them once their visiting hours return to normal in 2020.

Either way, enjoy the video and please support this wonderful organisation.


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