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The Transfarmation Project – Helping farmers transition

The Transfarmation Project – Helping farmers transition

Mercy For Animals has launched an initiative called the TransFARMation Project. The Transfarmation project is designed to help traditional animal agricultural farmers transition their farms and properties into growing new crops to be used for plant-based products.

The plant-based food industry is expected to be worth 85 billion by 2030 which shows you just how big of an opportunity this could be for farmers willing to take the first step towards re-thinking their farms and properties.

This is currently happening in the US but is a potentially huge oppurtunity for farmers across the globe to take advantage of a global trend that is better for the planet, the animals and human health.

“Our current food system is fragile and unsustainable.

The Transfarmation Project offers an avenue for farmers to participate in this rebuilding, to become a part of the solution and leave the problem behind.

Our mission is to support farmers in transitioning out of animal agriculture and into growing crops used for plant-based products.

The result: a better future for farmers and their families, for consumers, for animals, and for the planet.”

Take a look at one farmer who is working with Mercy For Animals to transform his property into a hemp growing operation.

If you know someone who would be interested in this initiative please share with them today! We hope to see more of these initiatives in the future as we transition away from traditional animal agriculture and into a plant-based world!


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