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Treat Dreams Vegan Easter Eggs

Treat Dreams Vegan Easter Eggs

Treat Dreams Vegan Easter Eggs.

Many of us grew up (not as vegans) eating the classic Cadbury creme eggs and have fond memories of this childhood experience. As many of us now move towards a more compassionate way of living and aren’t necessarily consuming dairy as much or anymore, we possibly still yearn to enjoy the easter time as we did when we were younger.

Enter Treat Dreams.

Treat Dreams started in 2015 when founder Lis Armstrong was working as a high-flying financial services marketer by day, and double-boiling homemade chocolates by night:

“I started Treat Dreams after I was diagnosed with a lactose intolerance, and realised I couldn’t find a dairy-free chocolate that was as decadent and delicious as it should be.
“Chocolate making became my side-hustle for two full years – I’d be managing blue-chip brands from 9 to 5, and then fulfilling orders for vegan treats after hours,” said Armstrong.

Lis Armstrong – Treat Dream, Founder.

In order to create the ideal vegan chocolate, Lis enrolled in culinary courses to learn the secrets of success from master chocolatiers. “True chocolate making is a mixture of art and science – it’s impassioned, sensory, and steeped in traditional knowledge with a rich culinary history,” said Armstrong. Once Treat Dreams was truly up and running, Lis accepted redundancy from her corporate profession, and the rest is history in the making!

So in 2020 what are Treat Dreams producing and what can we expect this easter?

Well, the vegan crème egg is BACK for Easter 2020! (And it’s vegan!)

The speckled dark chocolate egg boasts a vanilla crème centre and offers a vegan take on the ever-popular Cadbury Crème Egg!

Many of the Treat Dreams product range are also gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and palm oil-free, meaning the range can cater to a wide array of dietary requirements and lifestyle choices this Easter.

This Easter the range will include 12 vegan, direct trade and fair-trade products including:

  • The return of last year’s coveted Dream Egg,
  • Limited Edition Easter Bunnies,
  • Dream Bars,
  • Dream Bears.

The range is available nationally through major stockists both in-store and online. (So Aussies don’t even need to leave their homes to stock-up on Easter deliciousness!)

Enjoy a vegan egg this Easter!


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