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Tullyz Kitchen launches vegan spices range

Tullyz Kitchen launches vegan spices range

We have been big fans of Tullyz Kitchen for a while now, and so when he told us he was launching a product, after successfully cultivating over 400k Tik Tok followers (see his page HERE) we were keen to hear all about it.

The product is 100% vegan and is made with love and a taste of India.

So let’s find out a little bit more about Tullyz Kitchen Spices and get ready to cook like an Indian!



What are the new products? 

Authentic Curry Spice blends. I have taken the guesswork out and handcrafted a blend of perfectly proportioned spices, so anyone can cook like an Indian.

Tell us how you came up with the idea for the range?

When I started Tullyz Kitchen 2 years ago on Instagram, a lot of my audience complimented that I make Indian cooking look very easy. I was surprised because to me it came naturally. Upon researching further I found out there are two reasons people find Indian cooking hard 1) Not sure what spice to use 2) Not sure how much of each spice to use. Coincidentally at the time, I was doing this research I fell sick (Man Flu) and craved eating a curry. My Australian-born girlfriend offered to make it for me but she asked me to tell her what spices and how much of each spice….

And this just was a light bulb moment…she just said exactly what my audience has been telling me! And the next few months I was like a mad scientist in the kitchen testing all the different spice combinations to come up with perfectly balanced authentic spice blends. I called my mother and aunties in India to unlock the secret blends they have been using for generations. My house smelt like a spice shop in an Indian market during this process.


What did you feel the market was missing?

The authentic flavours. When you buy generic curry powders available in the market, they are full of things which make the food look like curry but not taste like it. If you notice the ingredients, most of these spices blends have Turmeric, chilies, and salt as key ingredients. Turmeric gives a vibrant color, and chili helps the stereotype that Indian food has to be spicy. Plus these ingredients are not expensive so the companies can sell them at a cheaper price. There is more than just turmeric and chili to make a decent curry.


What do you hope people will get out of the range?

Convenience and the real taste of India. These spice blends are based on years of cooking experience of my mother and aunties who I learned Indian cooking from. They have been using these combinations for generations. I have packaged the essence of Indian cooking in jars to make it convenient for someone who wants to experience authentic Indian cooking from scratch minus the hassle. My mission is to help everyone cook like an Indian!


What was the hardest thing about launching the range? 

Creating a product in your kitchen is easy but launching it commercially is hard. There are so many moving parts to make a product shelf-ready. For example branding, labels, copy, website, testing the product, making changes based on the testing results, sourcing the jars etc…and this is just to make a product that’s is worthy of selling.

The other part is managing the business side of things i.e. pricing, delivery of stock, accounting, building relationships, educating retailers to stock your product, thinking of the ways to scale the business…

In nutshell, you need patience and be able to adapt when things are not going our way.




Future product lines? What can we expect? 

There will be a few more variants. The idea is to create spice blends based on different regions of India. we started with Mr and Miss India as all-purpose curry spice blends. They will help you cook any curry you want from Indian cuisine wothout fuss. But, In the future we will narrow down to specific dishes and regioons of India. For eg “Disco Delhi” will be for north Indian curries e.g Tikka Masala style curries and “Cheeky Chennai” will be for south Indian curries e.g Chettinad Curries.


What other vegan brands do you think ‘get it right’ in the Australian market?

PANA, Fable, Made with Plants, and Botanical Cuisine are a few of the brands that come to mind who have created products that can minimise the divide between meat-eaters and vegans. WhatIi mean by that is you can have a family lunch/dinner created with these prodcuts everyone can enjoy it without noticing the difference. Hence the conversations at the table instead of being about “Vegans” and “vegan food” are about normal life, and that means these companies are bringing people closer by bridging the gap.


Who would you most love to see using your product?

Since my pre-vegan days I have always admired Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, if they could try my spices and give them a thumbs up I think that will be really amazing.


Where is Tullyz Kitchen in 3-5 years? Big Goals or Ambitions?

Major supermarkets in Australia and worlwide with a range of different vegan food products influenced by my Indian heritage.


Where can we find the products? 

For now they are avaiable in Melbourne at Oasis, The Happy Apple, The Kynd Butcher, Lady Bird Organics, and Replenish Health food Store. Hopefully by the time this interview is published our e-comm site is up and running as well, and we can deliver Australia-wide plus to selected countries internationally. 

Final Thoughts

Keen to find out more and download his FREE EBook? Visit the link below to learn more about the products and be sure to follow Tully for endless entertainment.


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