Unreal Fur x Linda Puna collaboration

Unreal Fur x Linda Puna collaboration

First Nations artist Linda Puna and fashion label Unreal Fur launch collaboration at an open to public showing at Alcaston Gallery in March 2022


Yankunytjatjara artist Linda Puna and ethical fashion label Unreal Fur have launched their outerwear collaboration, Unreal Fur x LindaPuna, at Melbourne’s Alcaston Gallery.

The event, Awari! (Wow!), showcased the range of Linda Puna’s iconic paintings and a photographic exhibition of the community of Mimili, South Australia. Visitors had the opportunity to shop the (vegan friendly) collection in person for the first time.

The collaboration was facilitated by Mimili Maku Arts, a contemporary art studio and non-profit enterprise owned and governed by a board of Anangu directors. Linda and Unreal Fur have been working together over the past 18 months to co-design their capsule of vegan outerwear that features the artist’s unique and bold brushwork.

“I am so excited about sharing my art on these jackets! It will bring joy to people in cities all around the world. I am happy to be showing the young women in my community what they can achieve through their art and by being proud in the culture!”

Said Linda Puna regarding the collection’s impending release.

About the artist

Linda Puna is a Yankunytjatjara artist living inthe remote community of Mimili on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. As the first Anangu woman to live in a remote community whilst being dependent on an electric wheelchair, Linda shares a unique perspective on life in her artwork – full of joy, resilience, and strength.

She continues to be an important and outspoken advocate for disability rights on the APY Lands. Linda has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and was a finalist in the2020 National Works on Paper Prize at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

In 2022, she is celebrating her fashion debut as part of this collaboration with Unreal Fur. 🙂


About Unreal Fur

From their roots as a family-owned label in Melbourne, Australia, Unreal Fur are passionate about changing the way people contemplate the relationship between the clothes they wear and the creatures around them. Their designs are made with quality and longevity in mind. Every garment is made to be worn season after season, always embodying a timeless cruelty-free ethos.

Final Thoughts

Ready to shop this amazing collection? Visit Unreal Fur to see the collection and support this wonderful collaboration. We can’t wait to see more from both Unreal Fur and Linda Puna in the future.


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