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Veef Plant Based Burgers

Veef Plant Based Burgers

Veef ‘plant-based burgers.


Veef, was created by an award-winning chef, who just so happens to be vegan!

With help from his plant-fuelled family, Veef has developed into a formitable brand within the Australian plant based space.

vEEF™ was developed not only to address a gap in the market but also to encourage, enable and educate everyone to move towards more conscious and sustainable way of eating.

Rooted in humble beginnings, this small Australian business with a big heart aims to revolutionise the way we look at protein one plant-based meal at a time.

Better yet, they provide the uplifting feeling that comes with knowing you’re supporting a small Australian business with a big heart.

This is the Veef philosophy. We have seen these products storm the supermarket shelves over the last few months and wanted to take a closer look at the Veef offering.

Take a look at just some of the range below:

So are you ready to go out and grab some Veef Plant Based Burgers? If you are then be sure to go and support them at your local supermarket today!

If you are interested in learning more about all of the different plant-based meat options from around Australia then take a look at our Vegan Eats Section Here for even more information on the plant-based market here in Australia.

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