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Vegan Beauty tips with Beauty Blogger Marisa Robinson

Vegan Beauty tips with Beauty Blogger Marisa Robinson

Vegan Beauty tips with Beauty Blogger Marisa Robinson

“Because there is no reason an innocent animal should suffer for our vanity.”

Navigating the beauty section as a vegan can be a challenging proposition. With terms such as cruelty-free or no animal testing being thrown around on non-vegan products, it can be hard to know what you are truly purchasing. Here to help is Cruelty-Free Beauty Blogger  Marisa Robinson of @marisarobinsonbeauty, who is passionate about helping everyone discover how easy vegan beauty buying can be! Enjoy the chat.


What is your favourite cruelty-free makeup brand?

My top 3 Australian Cruelty-Free makeup brands are Ere Perez, Eye of Horus and Nude by Nature. It is so hard to choose one when they are all doing such amazing things in the cruelty-free makeup and skincare space.


Why is it important to choose cruelty-free when shopping for beauty products


In this day and age, with our advanced technology and endless possibilities, I truly believe animal testing should be a thing of the past and banned worldwide. From makeup and skincare to fragrances and haircare, each year, more than 100 million animals are killed in laboratories for cosmetics testing to ensure products and ingredients are suitable for human use and consumption. As consumers I think we also need to start questioning if these non-cruelty-free products are going to have a negative impact on our health, especially if they aren’t safe enough to test on humans, to begin with.


What is one skincare product that you think everyone should own?

SPF50+. Your skin is your bodies largest organ and needs to be protected at all costs. Skin Cancer is prevalent in Australia so by applying sunscreen under your makeup or worn solo you protect your skin against the harsh UV rays.

Naked Sundays are an Australian brand that I use in my daily routine and have a great range of vegan and cruelty-free sunscreens with zero white cast.


4. When did your interest in cruelty-free beauty products begin?

I took the pledge in January of 2018 to switch to Cruelty-Free beauty.

We were driving home from our family Christmas vacation and I spotted an Edgar’s Mission billboard on the highway with a cute pig on it that read ‘Call me Penelope Sue, not Dinner.’ That billboard made me question everything. As an animal lover my whole life, how could I possibly eat these innocent animals that I also called pets? I then quickly discovered that animals were also being harmed and used for animal testing and that did not sit right with me.

That week I stopped eating meat and removed any product tested on an animal from my makeup and skincare collection. I had also just finished training to become a makeup artist so there was A LOT of non-cruelty-free brands and products that I had to cull from my kit too.

Without doing the work and educating myself on the issue, I was very naive to the fact that animals were still being tested on. This is also why I decided to dedicate my values and social platforms to Cruelty-Free Beauty, to educate and inspire others to make the switch to cruelty-free too.


5. Top picks for affordable cruelty-free products?

1. Nude By Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in shade ’01 Bare’ is my go-to gloss (available from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse).

2. Essence Cosmetics Mascaras are amazing and only $7 each (available from Priceline).

3. Flower Beauty Blush and Bronzers are beautiful and under $15 each (available from Chemist Warehouse).

4. The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid is only $12 and keeps my skin hydrated (available from Sephora).

5. Restore Body Bar from Wanderlightly is not only small batch and plastic free but it leaves your skin deeply nourished!


6. Does cruelty-free make up always mean vegan?

No, and this was a big learning curve when I started my cruelty free journey.

Cruelty Free means a product or its ingredients have not been tested on animals at any point in production or by third parties or suppliers.

Vegan means that a product contains no animal or animal-derived ingredients. For example, a lip balm containing beeswax is not vegan because beeswax is derived from bees.

So it is possible to have cruelty free non-vegan products, non-cruelty free vegan products and most importantly cruelty free vegan products.


7. What are some tips you would have for people wanting to make their beauty routine a cruelty free one?


1. Do your research. You would be surprised at how many makeup brands still test on animals or market themselves as cruelty free but still sell their products into countries where animal testing is a requirement by law. Resources like Cruelty Free Kitty are amazing and do very thorough research to ensure the information in their cruelty free directory is up to date.

2. Go through your current makeup and beauty collection and determine what products are cruelty free. I don’t encourage waste so use what you have (if it is still in date of course) and when you finish the non-cruelty free product shop for a cruelty free alternative.

3. Become familiar with the leaping bunny and cruelty free logos. These are often displayed on product packaging to make it easy to identify cruelty free products when shopping. This isn’t always accurate so revisit step 1 if you are unsure.

4. Vote with your dollar. Money talks so the more we support cruelty free brands over the big guys, who are still shipping into mainland China where animal testing is a requirement by law, the more we are saying yes to Cruelty Free beauty!

5. Get inspired and follow cruelty free brands and content creators on social media. You can always follow and message me on Instagram @marisarobinsonbeauty if you need cruelty-free product recommendations or makeup tips.


Final Thoughts

Marisa, this is such a gold mine of helpful vegan beauty tips! Thank you so much for sharing this with the community and for those who don’t follow Marisa, be sure to checkout the links below!

IG @marisarobinsonbeauty


If you would like to read more about vegan beauty and fashion be sure to take a look at our Beauty page here.


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