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Vegan Cake Mixes in Australia

Vegan Cake Mixes in Australia

As a new vegan, navigating vegan alternatives and ingredients can often seem difficult given the usual dairy and eggs involved in cooking and baking. But with a little know-how, you will soon come to realise that it’s actually very easy to cook and bake vegan!

Take the baking section, for instance, you’ve most likely walked straight past the cake mixes in the dessert aisle at the supermarket and assumed they’re not vegan friendly, but there are actually a whole lot of amazing vegan products and mixes.

If you’re short on time or you’re just not a baker with cupboards stocked full of essentials then vegan baking mixes may just be the perfect vegan dessert option for you.




Greens are conveniently stocked in both Woolworths and Coles Australia-wide. All boxes are at a reasonable price point between $2- $6.



Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker cake mixes (including cupcakes and brownies) can be found in Woolworths and Coles stores.



Coles (own brand)

Coles cake mixes are their very own brand stocked in Coles supermarkets and include 2 gluten-free options.



Woolworths (own brand)

Woolworths branded cake mixes featured here are all 100% vegan!



Egg Substitutes

With the vegan mixes, you will just need to add plant milk and egg substitutes. You can use natural egg substitutes (banana, flax, and chia) or store-bought- which we have included in the list.

Egg replacers can be found online and in most supermarkets or independent grocers.  These mixes are often made using natural ingredients and just need to be mixed with some water. Instructions are clear on the packaging. Some of these little packages can replace 20-60 eggs.


Final Thoughts

So you see vegan baking and using baking mixes can be a lot easier than you may have realised. We hope this list is helpful for your next vegan shop and bake-off!

If you do try any of the mixes from this list please let us know in the comments below. Or if you have a go-to please comment below your recommendations.

Happy Baking!



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