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Vegan Cheese at Coles

Vegan Cheese at Coles

Last month we featured all of the vegan cheese options available at Woolworths which was hugely popular and very well-received.

Now we felt it was Cole’s turn to be featured, so here below are all of the vegan cheese options available at Coles in February 2022.

If you think we missed any, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.



Coles Nature’s Kitchen Plant Based Cheddar Block

Plant Based Cheddar style Block for a great snack, cut into slices & serve with your favourite cracker.


Bio Cheese Cheddar Shred

Bio Cheese Cheddar Shred is made with coconut oil, providing a mild nutty flavour that melts and stretches easily and evenly, without going oily. An ideal plant-based simulant shredded for your convenience in a resealable bag.


Bio Cheese Parmesano

Now grated for your convenience, this Italian gem is perfect for serving on top of pizzas or pasta or through risottos and soups. Vegan-Friendly Vegetarian Gluten Free Soya Free Lactose-Free Palm Oil Free & GMO Free,


Bio Cheese Cheddar Slices

The delicious MyLife BioCheese Cheddar Flavour features dairy-free and plant-based cheese slices. Make it easier to add something special to burgers, sandwiches, and toasties.


Bio Cheese Creamy Original Spread

It’s smooth, it’s creamy, it’s mild… it’s BioCreamy. Introducing the perfect cream cheese simulant – ideally spread on a bagel


Bio Cheese Marinated Feta

Marinated in Australian Extra Virgin Olive oil, garlic and herbs, this smooth and creamy product will be a fridge staple in no time.


Sheese Tasty Slices

Sheese Slices are an incredibly handy solution to quickly prepare healthy and tasty sandwiches or toasties.


Bio Cheese Shred Pizza 200g

“Bio Cheese Pizza Shred is entirely plant based (vegan), dairy, gluten, soya, Gmo, preservative, palm oil and nut free.”


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the extensive list of vegan cheese at Coles in 2022 for you. If you have discovered any others at your local Coles be sure to let us know in the comments below so that we can update our next list.

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