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Vegan finds this week at Woolworths Supermarket

Vegan finds this week at Woolworths Supermarket

Vegan finds this week at Woolworths Supermarket

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This week at Woolworth’s we found a whole lot of new vegan goodness to get your teeth stuck into! The most notable finds were that of the new vegan range of pies from Pie Society who has released a variety of new styles and flavours!

Take a look at the finds below and let us know in the comments if you have tried any and what you thought.



Pie Society range of Vegan Pies

Chunky Meatless Steak, Party Pies, Meatless Classic Aussie & Meatless Classic Cottage are now all part of the Pie Society vegan range here in Australia.


Heinz Vegan Aioli & Vegan Mayo

Heinz Australia has just released a vegan mayo and aioli range into Australia. The company has even had the products officially certified by Vegan Australia and has the tick to prove it, posted squarely on the front of the products.


SPC Young Green Jackfruit

Jackfruit is having its time in the sun as a great plant alternative to create the texture and taste of traditional meat, most often chicken meat. SPC has now released a canned jackfruit which like the Heinz products has been certified by Vegan Australia, allowing consumers to know they are getting a 100% vegan certified product backed by VA.


Tutto Pasta Range

The Tutto pasta range has expanded to included both a vegan vegetable lasagna & plant-based meatballs which use the popular Beyond Meat brand plant-based meat in the product.


Final Thoughts

What was so great to see about some of these fantastic products added this week was the Vegan Australia Certification. Seeing brands appreciate the value of certifiing their products vegan will hopefully mean many more will follow suit in the future and this ensures that products are taking the process seriously and that proceedures are being properly followed.

We are incredibly excited for the future of the vegan movement here in Australia and we hope you are too!

To see more vegan supermarket products like the ones mentioned above, be sure to visit our supermarket shopping page here to see more.

Until next time.


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