Vegan Lockdown Essentials List – Food & Drink

Vegan Lockdown Essentials List – Food & Drink

These days with the majority of city-dwelling Australians are spending more and more time at home on the couch and watching Netflix due to the lockdown regulation in many of the major cities. To help get you all through these tough times, we thought we would put a list together of your vegan essentials and weekend treats that make lockdown that little bit more bearable.

Here are 7 essential 😉 food or drink categories that you will want to be stocking up on over the next few months.


Vegan Snacks


Grab the vegan popcorn or the (NEW) vegan-friendly Pringles and get ready to snack like you’ve never snacked before!

Shown above are the 100% vegan-friendly Sour Patch Kids, Vegan NCC lollies, Fry’s Pizzas, Vegan Dim Sims from Natures Kitchen, Vegan Jerky & Vegan Cookies!



Vegan Mac & Cheese


Dinner in a packet has never been this easy! There are now a whole host of vegan-friendly Mac & Cheese varieties to choose from including the classic Kraft Mac & Cheese product which launched a few months ago. This is no doubt going to be a lockdown staple for many!



Vegan Wine


For the 18+ years old amongst us, vegan wine may be what is currently getting you through the lockdown months! Above we have a whole host of vegan wine which we will include below.

The Vegan Wine Project, Wobbly Boot, De Bertoli, Goodwill Wines, Tread Softly & Tamburlaine.



Vegan Cheese


Be it to make nachos, place on crackers, or eat by the wheel, you are going to want good vegan cheese for your lockdown snacking. Above are just a few of the fantastic options available here in Australia!



Vegan Ice Cream


Stock up the freezer with a tub or ten of these awesome vegan ice cream varieties! Special recommendation from us would have to be for the Ben & Jerry’s range as well as So Delicious. But let’s be honest, they are all fantastic!



Vegan Pies


Nothing better than a pie and sauce for an easy lockdown lunch idea. For the vegans, grabbing a high-quality and delicious pie is no longer a challenge with some of the amazing options now available at your local supermarket! We recently tried the Cottage Pie from Pie Society which was just fantastic and we highly recommend it!



Vegan Chocolate


No lockdown binge would be complete without (vegan) chocolate! So go and grab some vegan chocolate and if you can track down the Vegan KitKat then all the better!


Final Thoughts


So there you have it, our Vegan Lockdown Essentials List with all of the good stuff to get you through the lockdown period. If you have a category or product that you think should have been included be sure to let us all know in the comments section below.

Until next time!


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