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Vegan Options at Hunky Dory Australia

Vegan Options at Hunky Dory Australia

If you are a new vegan you may well be avoiding the fish and chip shop due to a lack of variety for that afternoon order. You now no longer need to fear as your favourite fish and chip joint just got a little more vegan-friendly!

For those of you who visit and love the fish and chip chain Hunky Dory, you will likely have noticed that their plant-based menu has grown over the last few years. The chain now offers plant-based alternatives across most of its categories including sauces, bowls, sides, salads, burgers & fried packs.

Here is a look at the menu items that are vegan.
(Look for the green leaf!)


We wanted to take a closer look at just a few of the menu items that grabbed our attention and that distinguish HD from your average veggie burger at most fish and chip shops.

Here are just a few of their vegan options (Be sure to check which sauces are vegan when ordering):


Plant-based Fishless Fish


Lentil Burger

This ain’t your average fish and chip shop veggie burger!

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