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Veggie Roasters by Table of Plenty

Veggie Roasters by Table of Plenty

Veggie Roasters are the easy way to spice up your five serves a day of veggies!

Table of Plenty has recently created a brand new product in the form of
Veggie Roasters.

The range comprises two flavours – Golden Moroccan and Classic Paprika – both of which have been thoughtfully created to easily add taste and texture to a plethora of vegetable dishes.

Veggie Roasters can be used to roast cauliflower, add depth of flavour to a Tortilla de Patatas or in casseroles and veggie bakes. Table of Plenty founder Kate Weiss says Veggie Roasters were created to help people bridge the gap between healthy and easy cooking (something we can all relate too).

The Veggie Roasters come in individual serves of 25 grams and are made from all-natural ingredients with no bulkers or fillers. They are the new vegan-friendly pantry staple.

Kate said of the range:

“I created the Veggie Roasters range to be an easy way for people to make vegetables more exciting and appealing,”

“Vegetables should be at the core of any balanced diet and are an essential source of nutrients. Many people want to eat more vegetables but are tired at the end of the day and need something easy to whip up. “Veggie Roasters create a flavour profile for your dishes. Our recipes are the perfect balance of spice, saltiness, sweetness and aromatics so all you have to do is chop your preferred vegetables, add the Golden Moroccan or Classic Paprika and you’re done.

“Veggie Roasters are versatile and work well with a large variety of vegetables and cuisines. You can add Veggie Roasters to bake, grill, or marinate your favourite vegetables and be sure that they will be packed full of flavour every time.”

The details

Table of Plenty’s Veggie Roasters Range is now available at Coles in the spices section for RRP $3.00.

For more information on products and to find Table of Plenty stockists visit today.

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