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Want to cook Vegan Paella?

Want to cook Vegan Paella?

Want to cook Vegan Paella?

Have you ever come across a dish overseas and wished you could try it, but due to the whole ‘not wanting to cause unnecessary suffering to an innocent beings’ thing you have had to pass? Well, Gaz Oakley felt the same way when he saw locals cooking up Paella in Spain and so he decided it was time to create his own vegan version back home.

In the following video, Gaz shows us how we can create this local Spanish delicacy and do so completely vegan and cruelty-free (win-win!).



We also thought we would scour the web to see who else in the vegan community has recreated this Spanish delicacy. Here’s what we found:



The lads from The Happy Pear have a healthy (brown rice) version of the classic for those health-conscious amongst you.



And who can go past the BOSH! crews take on any classic dish!



So, by now you should be absolutely set to cook the best Vegan Paella of your life!

If you do recreate the classic dish, be sure to share the end result with us!

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Happy Cooking!


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