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Want to know what some vegans eat in a day?

Want to know what some vegans eat in a day?

Want to know what some vegans eat in a day?

Want to know what some vegans eat in a day?

During the isolation period, food becomes a big part of the day! For this reason, we went searching for new and delicious ideas and recipes from other vegans in order to make our daily eating a little more interesting. We thought we would scour the web to check in on what vegans from around the world are eating this week and what they recommend during isolation. What we found was so much delicious vegan food, that we had to share it here with you.



The Cheap Lazy Vegan

The first is from The Cheap Lazy Vegan.  The Cheap Lazy Vegan aka Rose a South Korean born Canadian is a vegan Youtuber, recipe creator & author. Rose regularly shares just how EASY it is to be vegan by showcasing simple recipes using simple ingredients. We really like her style and approach. Here is what she has been eating during the isolation period.



Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama is a vegan Youtuber & Author. Rachel takes her loyal followers through her best-loved natural beauty products, tips & tricks whilst sharing her amazing vegan recipes and food reviews! Here is a ‘casual’ look at what she eats in a day.



Simnett Nutrition

Derek Simnett aka Simnett Nutrition is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who has been coaching people online and creating YouTube videos inspiring others to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals through healthy, wholesome plant-based food and a natural approach to fitness and movement. He also has a popular E-Book, his Easy Vegan Muscle Meals ebook. In his latest video, he walks us through, what he eats in a day of work and training.



Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin Shoemaker is a Youtuber & recipe creator for her website frommybowl.com. She creates wholesome, easy-to-follow, and budget-friendly vegan recipes that are mostly gluten, oil, and refined sugar-free!

Here’s a little look at what she eats in a day.




Veggiekins is run by Remy Park a vegan recipe developer, food photographer, & blogger based in NYC. On her website, you will find nourishing recipes as well as whole food vegan and gluten-free recipes, non-toxic living tips.

Here’s a quick video showcasing what she eats in a day of quarantine.




Who’s hungry?

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