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What 5 health conscious vegans eat in a day

What 5 health conscious vegans eat in a day

Ever wondered what 5 health conscious vegans eat in a day?

We are back with another ‘what vegans eat in a day’ series. In this feature, we are going to look at five healthy vegans and what you can find on their plate on a given day. As always be sure to check with a dietician or doctor if making dietary changes. Any advice in the following videos is general in nature.

Now sit back and enjoy watching what 5 health-conscious vegans eat in a day!


What 5 health conscious vegans eat in a day!

1. Eat Move Rest

EatMoveRest aka Dusty & Erin Stanczyk, are a healthy and active vegan couple who broadcast their life on their Youtube Channel.  The channel focusses on their passions of health & wellness.


2. Brian Turner

Brian is a natural vegan bodybuilder & Youtuber from San Diego California. Brian documents his training, eating, and life through the lens of his Youtube channel.


3. Malt The Runner 

Malt The Runner aka Jamal is a young distance runner who prescribes to a vegan diet and lifestyle. In his latest video he talks you through what it takes to stay sustained and fuelled eating vegan.

4.Tia Bianco

Tia Bianco is a pro surfer, vegan for the animals & environment. She is also the founder of @dearselfskincare & @tiasvegankitchen

5. Rebelle Nutrition


Rebelle Nutrition is the brainchild of Amie Tollefsrud. Amie is a nutritional therapy practitioner, digital nomad, and CEO of Rebelle Nutrition.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these helpful videos will help you put some healthy vegan on your plate or in your smoothie bowl this week.

If you have a video or vegan you think we should cover please let us know at hey@letsgovegan.com.au or leave it in the comments below. We will see you soon with another What I Eat in a day soon!


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