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What are the best vegan skincare brands in Australia?? Community Answers

What are the best vegan skincare brands in Australia?? Community Answers

This week we asked the community for their tips on where to find the best vegan skincare. We wanted to know which were their favourite brands, ranges, and products. The community has now responded and we have put together a shortlist of some amazing brands that are either 100% vegan or have products in their range that are 100% vegan. So here are the brands and their wonderful vegan products.




Sukin (100% vegan range)

Born in 2007, Sukin has always been at the forefront of the health & wellness movement, as people were looking for ways to live in a cleaner, more natural, and sustainable way. The brand is Australian-made, vegan, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, and uses recyclable packaging!



Deciem – The Ordinary
(100% vegan range)

DECIEM was founded in 2013 by “the beauty world’s most exciting disrupter”, Brandon Truaxe. During a four-month co-op at a skincare lab, he became angry at the lack of passion, transparency, or insight when beauty products were being developed. After selling his first software company, many years later, Brandon’s frustration at the beauty industry remained and he set off to make a change in the beauty business. That change is DECIEM and we’re working really hard to continue Brandon’s vision for a better world of beauty.




Eco By Sonya

Eco By Sonya is Australian-made and owned by Sonya Driver, the brand is vegan friendly (aside from the sunscreen), PETA accredited, all-natural and certified organic!




With category-leading brands, including the No.1 Natural Skincare brand in New Zealand; Essano, the business is now one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in New Zealand. A true leader in natural beauty, Essano Limited has created certified organic, award-winning formulations and unique product ranges -now retailing in over 6,000 stores and online in countries across the globe.



Esmi Skin Minerals

Esmi is proud of its best-selling, vegan, cruelty-free, and Australian Made makeup and skincare range. A range of high-quality, exclusive mineral foundations and skincare which leave a softer imprint on your body and the natural world. With ingredients carefully chosen for their benefits and purpose and with no compromise on quality. Designed to treat skin concerns, feed your skin with clean, nourishing formulas and highlight your own natural beauty.





Lush is a global specialty beauty retailer. The company sells handmade cosmetics for bath, body, hair, and skincare. There are 931 free-standing shops and mall locations in 49 countries. Of those, 250 are in North America with 200 in the United States.

They say of their products “All our products are 100 percent vegetarian and 95 percent of them are completely vegan. We do use ingredients like honey and lanolin in a few of our products, which is why our product range is only 95 percent vegan”



Youth To The People

YTTP creates consciously sourced, nutrient-dense premium superfood blends and pair them with clinical, PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ actives, all made in California for the benefit of your skin’s health.



Florestas Natural

Florestas is Australia’s only 100% organic Amazonian skincare solution, creating consciously sourced, nutrient-dense natural vegan blends for powerful results, actively focused on fighting climate change through preservation and restoration of the Amazon rainforest.

Co-founded by a native Brazilian and Australian couple, Florestas was established in Sydney, Australia. Born out of a passion for healthyholistic and ethical skincare sourced straight from earth, the brand’s values are based on skincare expertise, research and mindful activism. Combining their individual heritages, the partners were mindful of the historic proven skincare practices of both their cultures, passed down through generations, often forgotten by modern developments of today’s skincare sector. Inspired by the rich Amazon landscape and unique floral traits, the Florestas collection is formulated through blending native ingredients dictated by the ancestors of the Amazon rainforest.




With years of formulation experience, Medik8 knows exactly what should be in and what should be left out of a formulation. They are always learning and constantly seeking to improve our products. As a nimble independent formulatory, they are able to make relatively quick tweaks to ensure products are in tune with the latest insights.

Medik8 understands that having a beauty regime filled with vegan skincare is beneficial for the planet and your skin. Almost all Medik8 products can be used by vegans and do not contain any animal ingredients.

Final Thoughts

We hope this has been a helpful guide to just a few of the fantastic vegan-friendly skincare brands available here in Australia. We know this is just the tip of the iceberg and look forward to doing a follow-up of even more brands in the near future! As always if you wish to add or suggest a brand please leave it in the comments below and we will include it in the next list.

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