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What do vegans buy from the supermarket? That Vegan Dad

What do vegans buy from the supermarket? 

The question many nonvegans ask is, what do vegans actually eat? Is it just salad and hummus? Well many years ago, it may have been tough for strict vegans to find a huge variety of products at their local supermarket outside of fruit, vegetable, grains, and nuts. The reason for this was that brands didn’t provide ‘vegan options’ as the demand was simply too low. The other reason was (and still is to some extent today) that milk solids very often found their way into a whole heap of products precluding them from being considered 100% vegan.

Fast forward to today in 2020 and the situation is very different. Brands are now discovering the changing tastes of consumers and more and more vegan brands and products are being released into the market meaning it’s never been easier to make the vegan switch!

In today’s video, you will see vegan Youtuber and dad That Vegan Dad. That Vegan Dad aka Jack shows us just how much there is at your local supermarket. In the video, he walks us all through a monthly vegan shop at both Aldi & Woolworths supermarkets in Australia.

So take a look and see just how much vegan there is out there!

We hope this video provided a brief insight into just some of the amazing products you can purchase as a vegan. If you have any question be sure to drop Jack a line and follow his page for more.

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