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Whats New At Coles

Whats New At Coles

What’s New At Coles?

What are some of the new vegan products hitting the shelves at Coles this month?

We thought we would take a look at two new and exciting products that are getting rave reviews from our community.

The new Vegan Special Burger Sauce & the vegan Hazelnut Slice both by Coles’s own brand.


Here’s what Coles had to say about the sauce.


As more and more Australians turn to a vegan lifestyle, the Coles Vegan Special Burger Sauce will be a welcome addition to any Australian pantry! Designed to help create the perfect burger at home the new sauce features the very same creamy texture and tangy gherkin and dill taste that the original is famous for.

Inspired by the taste of much-loved fast-food burgers, the Vegan Special Burger Sauce means a vegan-friendly burger can be created at home with all the flavour of your favourite takeaway.

Coles Product Developer Georgie Ross said:

“The sauce combines a creamy texture with the famous tangy gherkin and dill taste that the Special Burger Sauce is famous for. “The secret to making the vegan sauce was to replicate the appearance, texture and flavour profile of the original Special Burger Sauce so you can almost not tell the difference,”


Here’s what Coles had to say about the slice.


For customers looking to top it off with a vegan-friendly delicious dessert, the Coles bakery team has come to the party creating a new mouth-watering vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Slice.


Combining a creamy, light mousse mounted onto a crunchy biscuit base, topped with dark chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts, it’s ideal topped with fresh berries to make it the perfect treat to enjoy all year round.

Coles Own Brand General Manager Brad Cook said the supermarket is expanding its vegan range because plant-based eating is becoming a popular choice for many customers.

“Our new products are a great example of our Own Brand innovation and demonstrate how Coles is making it easier to find delicious products that meet different lifestyle needs, to help them live healthier and happier lives,”

The Coles Vegan Special Burger Sauce and Chocolate Hazelnut Slice are available now exclusively from select Coles Supermarkets, RRP $2.75, and $5 respectively. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your self down to Coles for some amazing vegan deals.

If you would like to explore more of What’s New At Coles or any other vegan products available on supermarket shelves, then check out our supermarket product section here.

Until next time.


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