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Why lambs need their wool in winter

Why lambs need their wool in winter.

This is the story of Karina of Lamb Care Australia.

Karina works in rescue and shares some insights into why we need to think twice about wool. One of the worst problems with the use of wool is that baby lambs now get bred throughout the year thanks to the demands of the wool industry.

This means that baby lambs born in the winter are not properly equipped for this weather and very often will die. We believe there are so many other alternatives to wool, and that using it is cruel and unnecessary. Please watch the video below of these beautiful creatures and make your mind up for yourself.

What did you think of this moving piece on Why lambs need their wool in winter video? We hope it will help you and those that you can share this knowledge with to better understand the plight of the sheep here in Australia and around the world and advocate to remove wool from your wear and of course take lamb off your plate!

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