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Wine of The Week by Vineful

Wine of The Week by Vineful

Wine of the week.

Each week we will be selecting a wine(s) to feature thanks to the fine folk at Vineful. This week the wine of the week is actually three wines! Three fruitful vegan reds to be specific.

Here is the Vineful’s 3 fruitful red selection for you.

Amazing Alchemist Shiraz – Organic and vegan friendly, this is a full bodied wine with dark plum and rich cherry aromas combined with cedar wood, and spices.

Penely Estate Project Shiraz – A medium bodied vegan friendly wine. Delicately perfumed and fragrant with raspberry, cherry and sweet spices.

Paso a Paso Tempranillo – Organic and vegan friendly, with juicy flavours of blueberries and bitter cherries.

Vineful offer a whole host of vegan-friendly and organic wines that can be delivered right to your door!

Vineful offer a wine experience that reflects their commitment to quality and the core beliefs of being environmentally responsible, collaboration and giving back.

What makes a wine vegan friendly?

With some of the older wines and production methods, the wine may not be vegan. The reason for this is that some wine is produced using fish guts. Yes, fish guts can be used to filter the wine in the production and is a process that has been used for years. The difficult thing about this issue is that it is not often labeled on the bottle packaging and so it can be hard to know what bottles are or aren’t vegan.

To be safe, look for bottles that explicitly state that they are vegan-friendly to ensure the wine is 100% vegan.


Where can we find vegan wine?

To see previous selections, visit our page here.


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