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Woolworths launches gourmet vegan feta into selected stores with Yay!

Woolworths launches gourmet vegan feta into selected stores with Yay!

Woolworths shoppers will soon be able to get their hands on artisanal vegan cheese, as YAY! Foods Marinated Plant-based Feta arrives in selected stores across Victoria and New South Wales this week.


About YAY!

YAY! Foods was founded in April 2017, when Nergiz and Nalin attended their first market event in their hometown of Melbourne. At that point in time, Nalin had been a dedicated vegan for five years, and had a background in commercial cooking for a local school.

Meanwhile, Nergiz was recovering from a health scare that had prompted the business IT professional to rethink her dietary choices and embrace plant-based food. With their complementary skillsets and a shared desire to run their own business, the sisters joined forces to create a vegan food company specialising in pies, cheese, and other comfort foods. Nergiz and Nalin even enlisted help from their family to form the very first YAY! Foods focus group. “When we first went vegan, it was a little difficult for our family to understand the reasons why. As Turkish Australians, we grew up eating dairy-based feta cheese. Dishes like borek, which are feta-stuffed pastries, formed part of our culinary traditions at home.

“However, when our family had the opportunity to try YAY! Feta for the first time, they knew we were onto something special. These days our family are among YAY! Foods’ biggest supporters, particularly our mother, Fatma.

“Now when we have joint family celebrations, Mum will prepare lots of vegan dishes, like dolma stuffed vine leaves, mercimek corbasi lentil soup, and even a veganised version of manti, which are dumplings served in a garlic sauce.

“YAY! Feta is something you’ll find at all our family get-togethers. Mum uses our Feta in her borek these days so we can enjoy our favourite dishes together. In fact, YAY! Feta has the thumbs-up from lots of Turkish büyükanne grandmas, because even as a vegan product nothing has been sacrificed in terms of flavour,” said the sisters.


The Woolworth’s Launch

“We’re incredibly excited to share YAY! Feta with Woolworths shoppers, and to showcase just how delicious vegan cheese can be. We believe the taste and consistency of YAY! Feta is a total gamechanger that could help people to eat less dairy and integrate more plant-based goodies like this one into their routine,” said YAY! Foods co-founders, sisters Nergiz Yuksel and Nalin Arileo.

Every jar of YAY! Feta is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne. The team uses tofu and coconut oil, then seasons these ingredients with freshly squeezed lemon juice, hand cut garlic, and rosemary stripped straight from the plant. Nergiz and Nalin believe this commitment to quality wholefood ingredients is what sets YAY! Feta apart from other speciality vegan cheeses.

“When people first try YAY! Feta, their eyes light up. People can’t believe that something could taste so creamy and delectable, and be entirely free from dairy. The product still serves up that full-bodied Mediterranean inspired flavour that traditional feta is loved for,” said the sisters.

YAY! Feta tastes and functions like conventional dairy-based feta, and can be most closely compared to Danish style feta because of its smooth, creamy consistency.

“You don’t need to be vegan to enjoy YAY! Feta. People love to melt the product on homemade pizzas, stir it through pastas, or simply enjoy it on toast. You can prepare all your favourite meals and snacks with this product. YAY! Feta has the thumbs-up from our Turkish mother, and has been approved by many Turkish büyükanne grandmas, because even as a vegan product nothing has been sacrificed in terms of flavour,” added the Turkish Australian sisters.


Where can I get it?

For a complete list of Woolworths stores currently stocking YAY! Feta, shoppers can visit: https://YAY!


How Much?

YAY! Foods Marinated Plant-based Feta will be available in the vegan chiller area at selected stores in Melbourne and Sydney, and will retail for $14 per 300-gram jar.

“Our products are at a premium price point, but that is reflective of our business approach. As an Australian owned and operated company, we manufacture locally, pay our staff fair wages, and maintain a commitment to sustainability. YAY! Feta jars are completely recyclable, and we work with suppliers to reduce plastic waste. “We always use the highest quality ingredients, and never compromise on flavour. We believe your tastebuds can tell the difference. This is why people rave about YAY! Feta. Our fans are really passionate about it.

“We’re extremely proud of the product, and can’t wait for Woolworths shoppers to try it. Whether you’re a long-term vegan, lactose intolerant, or more flexible with your food choices, YAY! Feta will surprise and delight you.”


Final Thoughts

We can say from experience that you will not be disappointed with this Feta! But don’t take our word for it, go out and try it for yourself and be sure to let us know what you think!

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