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Zero Co launch a range of new body products

Zero Co launch a range of new body products

Zero Co launch a range of new body products.

Last year we interviewed Mike Smith the outgoing founder of Zero Co, a brand on a mission to destroy Single-Use Plastic once and for all! We loved this brand and even got the chance to try their products out for ourselves (spoiler alert, they were phenomenal). So when we recently learned that Zero Co was launching a new range we were intrigued to find out more!

The new release

We have now learned that Zero Co has released a new range of vegan and cruelty-free body products to the Australian market. The new products are refillable and single-use plastic-free shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and antiperspirant deodorant, in consumer’s preferred liquid format.

The new range aims to tackle the single-use plastic (SUP) problem in the beauty industry and encourage Aussies to ‘Start Small’, making incremental steps towards ditching SUP by switching to products that are planet friendly, without compromising on quality.

The research shows that Australians buy and throw away 93M bottles of shampoo and conditioner, 29M bottles of deodorant, and 57M bottles of skincare products bought from the supermarkets every year*. That’s a combined total of 179M single-use plastic bottles, 152.15M of which will end up in landfill each year**. 

In light of these shocking statistics, Zero Co has spent the last two years working alongside Dr. Kate Forbes, the ex-Global Head of Product at Aesop, to develop a SUP free body range with an industry-leading ingredients list that is free from silicones, parabens, EDTA, dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde and triclosan.


Zero Co Founder Mike Smith says

“We knew that we needed to make incredible products that would rival top shelf competitors and working with Dr Forbes has been instrumental in achieving that.”

Zero Co’s unique refill model allows for zero waste over the customer’s lifetime. The brand has engineered a first-of-its-kind ‘Pouch Recovery Machine’ in Australia which cleans and sanitises used refill pouches that are returned by Zero Co customers (for free in a reply-paid envelope). Once clean, the pouches are refilled with product and sent back out to other customers.

In just 16 months, this closed-loop system has stopped the equivalent of 814,917 water bottles worth of rubbish from ending up in landfill. Smith says “Our community has demonstrated the significant impact that individuals can have on a massive, global problem. Now turning to the beauty industry, with Dr Forbes at our side, we have been able to develop the world’s first ever refillable body care range in single-use plastic free packaging, with formulas and fragrances that challenge any supermarket brand and have been tested over a long period, to a wide range of skin and hair types.”

Zero Co’s reusable ‘Forever Bottles’ are made from Ocean, Beach and Landfill plastics (OBL) which are collected from cleanups that the startup funds around Australia. “So when you buy a Zero Co product, you’re stopping the production of more single-use plastic and helping to clean our oceans and beaches from plastic pollution. So far we have removed the equivalent of 803, 083 water bottles worth of rubbish from oceans and beaches and are hoping to double that number in 2022.”

Says Smith.


Dr Kate Forbes says “It’s a brilliant concept and one that solves a significant challenge for the beauty industry. The innovative pouch cleaning solution that Zero Co has developed has allowed us to create these products in the liquid format that make it easy for our customers. It has been incredibly difficult, but the team have been persistent in creating products that leave no barrier to entry for the sake of planet-friendly.”

The new range expands Zero Co’s line up to 14 personal-care and home-cleaning products, including two newly released fragrances of hand wash and body wash as they look to diversify their offering to a fast-growing community of 57,000 customers.

Smith says “I truly believe these new products will shake the industry on plastic standards and that our people-powered solution to the global single-use plastic problem will help us lead the way forward.”

Australians can order Zero Co’s new body range today including shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, antiperspirant deodorant, hand wash (new fragrance) and bodywash (new fragrance) at

More on Zero Co

Zero Co is on a mission to untrash the planet by doing two things – cleaning up the mountains of plastic that’s found its way into our oceans and eliminating single-use plastic from every kitchen, laundry and bathroom. We manufacture a range of personal-care and home-cleaning products that get delivered direct to Aussie homes, minus all the single-use plastic.

All products are made in Australia from plant and mineral based formulations, are grey water and septic safe, vegan and cruelty free, and most importantly work as well if not better than the big name supermarket brands or we’ll refund your hard-earned money back.

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Final Thoughts

To see more vegan beauty like these products, be sure to checkout our beauty page and be sure to let us know if you try the amazing Zero Co range!


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