5 vegan podcasts to sink your teeth into this week

5 vegan podcasts to sink your teeth into this week

5 vegan podcasts to sink your teeth into this week.

Give your earbuds something to smile about this week with a selection of new vegan focussed podcast episodes and shows to digest. We all know how easy it is to throw on a podcast in the car, on a walk, or when sitting around at home so why not hear from some of the amazing vegans of the world whilst doing it. These episodes are a great way to improve your vegan knowledge as well as being entertaining and insightful.

If you have a podcast that you think we should feature, let us know at hey@letsgovegan.com.au today.

Here are our five!


1. A Kynd Life Podcast featuring Tash Peterson

A Kynd Life Podcast is relatively new on the podcast scene but is already attracting a range of wonderful vegan guests & chats. The podcast is hosted and run by Elisha Atchison who is passionate about being a voice for the animals and empowering people to live a fulfilling vegan lifestyle.

In this episode, Elisha chats with Tash Peterson an animal activist based in Perth. In the episode, Tash provides an insight into what helps her stay motivated, how she handles confrontation and online harassment, and advice for anyone interested in animal activism.


2. Plant Proof with Dean & Ayesha Sherzai

In Episode 117 Simon Hill sits down with Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD who are leading Neurologists specializing in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s dementia.  Recently Dean and Ayesha performed a thorough review of the literature to find out how important omega 3s are for brain function and whether or not we should supplement them. Naturally, they ended up splitting this review into two parts, one covering pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and adolescence and the other covering adulthood.

In this episode, they break down their findings with the goal of helping you understand what omega 3s are, where we get them from and whether we should consider supplementation.

3. The Exam Room Podcast featuring John Brown

This podcast is a fun and inspiring plant-based podcast from nutrition experts at The Physicians Committee. “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll, who lost 275 pounds, is frequently joined by Dr. Neal Barnard and others to motivate and educate both new vegans and those who have been plant-powered for life

About the episode: After being embarrassed by his poor health and large stature during an international trip, John Brown became motivated to make a dramatic transformation. To succeed, he turned to a plant-based diet and the results are amazing! John joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to share the highs and lows of his journey back to health. He’s now lost 90 pounds and is still going!

His doctors are amazed not just by his incredible weight loss, but also his plummeting cholesterol which has been cut in half. His story is so impressive that it was among the most shared on the Forks Over Knives website in 2020!

This is a captivating and authentic conversation about overcoming obesity from two people who have lost a combined 370 pounds!

4. The Vegan Startup Podcast with Australian brand VOW

This fantastic podcast deals in unfiltered chats with founders from around the world. From struggles, tough decisions, and breakthroughs. It’s a great podcast for those interested in the future of plant-based, clean & vegan products from around the world.
This episode: In this episode the team chat with Vow co-founders George Peppou and Tim Noakesmith about their unique approach to cultivating new food products.

5. Vegan Business Talk w/Stephanie Downs of the Material Innovation Initiative on Accelerating the Growth of Animal-Free Materials & Opportunities for Vegan Entrepreneurs

The Vegan Business Talk Podcast is a weekly podcast covering interviews with vegan business owners and entrepreneurs from across the globe. The podcast also covers vegan business news and is hosted by journalist, PR consultant, and vegan business coach Katrina Fox, author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business.

Final Thoughts

In 2021 there is no excuse for not educating yourself thanks to the world of audiobooks and podcasts! We hope these episodes will provide you with a starting point and if you have one you think should be added to the next list, be sure to email us today with the recommendation.

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