ABCs The Drum discuss Veganuary 2022

ABCs The Drum discuss Veganuary 2022

ABCs The Drum discuss Veganuary 2022

Australia is a country built on farming & meat culture, but over the last number of years, we have seen the shift in Australians attitudes towards the vegan and plant-based movement. We spend every day in it, which is why it’s always great to see others, including the media discussing it. In the latest edition of The Drum on ABC the discussion was around the Veganuary campaign, the changing nature of what constitutes meat, and the changing Australian attitudes towards food choices. As mentioned in the opening of the video, whilst only 2% of Australian’s consider themselves vegan, 11% were considering going plant-based in the next 5 years according to

So we are excited to see the industry continue to grow and gain more and more exposure like this.

Please enjoy the Veganuary discussion on The Drum below.

Episode Description

It’s ‘Veganuary’ – a push for people to eat a plant-based diet. But where is Australia at when it comes to veganism? We’ll hear about changing attitudes, the challenge to stereotypes about diet and masculinity – and if we could eat meat without slaughtering animals.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of the discussion? We would love to hear your thoughts on the guest, ideas, and topics broached in the video.

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