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Alternative Meat Co

Alternative Meat Co

Alternative Meat Co. has hit the shelves in Australia.

With the hype and success of Beyond Meat in the media recently, the plant-based meat category is fast becoming a very popular one.

This week we have seen a huge promotion for Australian-made newcomers the Alternative Meat Co.

Their range is formulated to look, cook and taste like real meat, They have stated: “with this ‘beefy’ range you won’t miss out on your favourites! Try it for yourself, available at Coles in the meat chiller”

We are pretty excited about this one, as an Australia-made version of the popular Beyond Meat range, we are hoping the local contender can give them a run for their money. Here is a look at their range from Coles and Woolworths.

“Who says you need animals to enjoy a delicious ‘meaty’ meal? Not us! We’ve been busy down under crafting our famous ‘beefy’ sausages, mince, and burgers – packed with protein, sourced from plant ingredients.
There is no planet B… so join The Alternative


If you prefer chicken, they have since added crumbed chicken burgers to their range.

Go out and grab them this week and be sure to let us know how they taste!


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  1. R&K Merredin WA [Robert & Kim Muggridge [NFP] ]
    June 20, 2019 at 12:34 am

    My wife & I have been vegan for over 2 years and complement you on your new range ofr alternative plant based products. Unfortunately my wife is allergic to any thing Soy and can’t eat your products!!!
    The Beyond Meat Co Burger is made using pea protein and she can eat that product. The rest of their range uses SOY proteins and she cannot consume those products.
    It would be lovely if your Company could make your burger using PEA PROTEIN also some of your other products.
    Please give this suggestion some serious thought; there are a lot of vegans out there that are extremely SOY INTOLERANT.