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Animals Australia’s message to those voting for kindness

Animals Australia’s message to those voting for kindness.

Animals Australia has posted a video to thank the tireless work of its supporters in getting behind their push to Ban Live Export and vote for kindness in the upcoming election.

We thought we would share the video as it’s an inspiring look into the last few years of work that has been done by this tremendous organisation.

We are always huge supporters of Animals Australia and the tireless work they do for animals not just here in Australia but from all over the world. From us here at Let’s Go Vegan, thank you to all the staff and volunteers that do this incredible work for the animals!


About Animals Australia

“We are Australia’s leading animal protection organisation. Our investigations and campaigns are recognised the world over. We unite millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty.”

We represent over 2 million individual members and supporters. Animals Australia, along with our global arm, Animals International, has an unprecedented track record in investigating and exposing animal cruelty and for conducting world-first strategic public awareness campaigns.

Final Thoughts

If you were moved by the video and Animals Australia’s message, then be sure to check out even more campaigns in the vegan campaigns section here.


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