Australian Vegans Journal release latest edition

Australian Vegans Journal release latest edition

The team behind the Australian Vegans Journal has been working tirelessly over the last few months to bring together an exciting volume that’s full of articles about vegan food, facts, fun, and ethical leadership!

They are thrilled to now announce that their 4th volume has just been released and we are happy to say we have a FREE PDF Copy for you all to download and enjoy!

To download the PDF CLICK HERE.

The team state that their goals are to share, collaborate, inspire and support those who are vegan or want to go vegan via high-quality content from influential vegans from Australia and abroad.

Here is how they define it:

1. Share. We will be sharing information about effective vegan advocacy campaigns that have come from individuals and organisations from across Australia and beyond. We are looking to interview and receive reports from Aussies everywhere doing good vegan work.

2. Collaborate. For a more powerful and sustained effect, we will be collaborating with vegan organisations, businesses and individuals to create a magazine that brings the nation’s vegan strength together all in one place.

3. Inspire. We aim to publish high quality content with beautiful design to inspire vegans across the country to become active in spreading the vegan message.

4. Support. A significant section of the magazine is reserved for self care. Being an animal activist and an everyday vegan has its challenges. We will bring you the experts in self care so you have the tools you need to keep your life balanced and have the strength and energy to keep on being your most effective for animals.

We welcome your contribution, feedback and suggestions. Australian Vegans Journal is an evolving publication that needs lots of people’s input to make it great.

Final Thoughts

They are certainly doing this, with this edition chocked full of fantastic interviews, education, and recipes for you all to enjoy!

If you have ever wanted to take a closer look at the vegan world here in Australia then be sure to have a read of this wonderful publication. You can also read a little about our founders on pages 20 & 21 should you so desire 🙂

We hope you enjoy it!

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