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Co-Lab Pantry have local vegan options

Co-Lab Pantry have local vegan options

Co-Lab Pantry has local vegan options.

When we heard about the newly launched Co-Lab Pantry we loved the concept.

Co-Lab Pantry is an online retail hub that offers high-end pantry staples, meals, drinks, and experiences from Victoria’s most-loved restaurants, bars, cafes, brands, and producers, to customers nationwide.
(check their website here for shipping availability)

Designed as a platform for consumers to access Victoria’s best food and drink items, Co-Lab Pantry stocks an extensive range from ready to heat-and-eat meals to restaurant-made condiments, and bottles for the home drinks trolley.

A concept born of COVID-19, Co-Lab Pantry was developed by Danielle Lebon, Natasha Buttigieg, and Avin Chadee. The three collaborators combined their expertise in retail, hospitality and digital marketing to create an online community focused on ‘Food For Good’, ultimately bringing the hospitality venues and producers they admired together in one retail space during lockdown (This is the positive side of the community during these uncertain times).

“We realised there weren’t any online platforms which brought together a variety of perishable products and pantry staples from the venues and producers we most loved. Food and hospitality are very close to our hearts and we wanted to create a space that can continue to celebrate and support the relationships customers have with their favourite venues across Victoria,“ says Co-Lab Pantry Co-Founder Danielle Lebon.

Now, are there vegan options?


When we heard about this concept, we were keen to find out, what in the CLP range was vegan, and we were pleased to say we found some gems.

Below is a small list of just some of the vegan options on offer for those keen to support their Victorian staple suppliers.

Happy Shopping.

Vegan Kimchi
Vegan Eggplant
Vegan Fresh Chai
Vegan Chickpea Curry
Vegan Truffle Mushroom Dumplings
Vegan Crispy Chilli Oil
Vegan Icemagic (Damn that sounds good!)
Wide Selection of Vegan Nut Butters


Final Thoughts


This is a great initiative to help support the local businesses that are doing it tough during the restrictions. We have loved seeing initiatives like this pop-up and help deliver new ways for local businesses to survive and thrive. What are your thoughts on the initiative? Let us know in the comments below.

And to see the vegan offering from Co-Lab Pantry, Click HERE


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