Dietitian Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Going Vegan

Dietitian Answers Commonly Asked Questions About Going Vegan.

In this video from Goodful, a dietitian answers all of the vegan questions you have always wanted to ask!  Whether you are a seasoned vegan or simply dipping your toe into this new and strange plant-based world, you likely have some questions. Even for those who have been vegan for extended periods of time, you are always seeking out new and vital information on vegan nutrition and vegan health.

In the video, the following questions are answers simply and succinctly.

Are carbs bad for you?
Can you get enough iron without eating meat?
Can you get enough calcium without eating dairy?
Is soy healthy?
Can you eat more on a vegan diet?
Do I have to take supplements on a vegan diet?
How do I get enough omega-3 fatty acids without eating fish?
Can I get enough Vitamin D on a vegan diet?
Can I have a healthy pregnancy on a vegan diet?
What are the health benefits of going vegan?
I want to start eating a more plant-based diet but I have no idea where to start?

So if you are interested in any of the above questions, dive into the video and hear from an expert just how easy it is to GO VEGAN!

Enjoy the video.

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