Earthling Ed talks at Google HQ New York

Earthling Ed talks at Google HQ New York.

Earthling Ed is an incredible animal activist who is widely followed and respected around the world. His calm and very practical style of advocacy makes him one of the world’s great animal rights campaigners and promoters. He recently visited Google HQ in New York to talk about the truth behind the terms Free Range & Local.

We thought it was worth a listen and a share. If you do to be sure to share this with someone who you think needs to hear the wisdom and knowledge of Ed. To see more of his work be sure to follow his Instagram page here or visit his website for details on his work and speeches.

So what did you think of the Earthling Ed talks at Google video? If you enjoyed it and would like to see more educational talks on activism and advocacy, checkout out our activist page here for more! Alternatively, you can browse our education section here which has a ton of fantastic information on all things vegan!

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