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Earthling Ed’s tips for going vegan

Earthling Ed’s tips for going vegan

Earthling Ed’s tips for going vegan.

Whenever we see anyone who shares the same mission as us (to help everyone & anyone go vegan) we like to promote their work. When that someone is Earthling Ed, one of the most thoughtful, eloquent, and balanced speakers in the animal rights space then it becomes a no-brainer.

In this video, Earthling Ed walks us through just how easy it can be to transition to veganism even if you are completely new to the idea and the vegan space.

Here are the 5 points broken down

1. Educate Yourself

Documentaries, podcasts, books, Youtube, and well us! There is so much information out there to educate yourself on!

2. Veganise Your Favourite Dishes

Start off by veganising dishes you already love using meat and dairy alternatives such as vegan cheeses and plant-based mince.

3. Track Your Food

Make sure as you transition that you are supplementing the nutrients you were getting from animal products with your new vegan ingredients. You also want to get a b12 supplement as this is something that is found in meat but not as common in the vegan diet at the levels required. This is something to check regularly with a blood test from your local doctor.

4. Don’t Worry About Cravings

At first, your body may crave old favorites, don’t worry about this, this is normal as the body gets used to any new diet. Again if you feel you need further advice, do seek out a doctor or nutritionist to ensure you are getting the vitamins and nutrients your body requires. This is easy on a vegan diet but only if done correctly.

5. Learn common responses

Aka your vegan armor! This is one of the most important parts of vegan advocacy, and it’s something you will get better and better at over time. Many of the questions people will ask will be the same ones around protein, don’t you miss xxx, or what if you were with a pig on a desert island! Get used to answering these questions in a calm and respectful manner and you will be doing your bit to promote the positives of the vegan lifestyle.


Going vegan isn’t always linear. As Ed mentioned in the video, don’t beat yourself up if you slip up or still have a small amount of dairy whilst you transition, this is completely normal. Focus on moving forward and continuing to make better and more compassionate choices each and every day and you will build on top of it. After a while, you won’t even think about it as you enjoy all of the amazing food and products that come with the vegan lifestyle!

To learn more about going vegan, visit our beginner’s section here.


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